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Free PHP booking script

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PHP Booking is an absolutely free script, which can be used to create simple online booking sites or to integrate a booking functionality in an existing site.
Various businesses like hotels, car rental companies and many others need booking functionality added to their site - with the free booking script you could download below, you could add such booking functionality quickly or create a simple standalone booking site.
The installation is really simple since it's not using any MySQL database (the information about available rooms, bookings etc. us saved in XML files), so to install it it's only necessary to upload the files to a folder or a website of your choice.
PHP Hotel Booking comes with an user-friendly and responsive administration panel allowing the administrator to manage the different settings, see the new bookings and confirm them, add or edit the room types and others. The script is provided with the full not encrypted source codes and is also free for commercial use. Please check our website for more information, online demos and free download.


Free PHP booking script

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Free PHP booking script

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